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  • Breaches of contracts/contract interpretation.

  • Misrepresentation/failure to disclose.

  • Breaches of confidentiality and fiduciary duty.

  • Termination/repudiation of agreements.

  • Disputes regarding outstanding debts.

  • Breaches of compliance rules and FSA regulations.

  • International dispute between a Nigerian and Russian counterpart in relation to a trade dispute.

  • Distribution agreements in accordance with Israel and US law mediated in the UK.

  • International project disputes to include multi jurisdiction and cross cultural issues within Europe. 

  • Fraud investigations involving two or more jurisdictions (to include USA).

  • Competition law disputes with competitor businesses.

  • Joint venture disputes between two large multinationals with regard to investments in the Indian market.

  • Dispute between Korean and Egyptian car manufacturers on breach of joint venture agreement.

Projects Disputes
  • Disputes on IT Telecoms projects where disputes have arisen over failed milestones and breach of contract/negligence actions for not fit for purpose systems.

  • PPP/PPI projects to include the construction industry.

  • Finance projects where the bank or insurer has acted as the lost payee under an insurance policy backing a project which then fails.

  • International, Turkish and Asian communication projects dispute.

  • Spanish and South American development scheme dispute.

IP Disputes
  • Copyright and licensing disputes in the publishing, telecoms and IT industries. 

  • Media IP/IPR disputes.

  • Banking disputes which involve the security taken over IPR rights.

  • Interconnection agreement between large telecoms operator and service provider.

  • Software licence disputes following formal tender process for the implementation of body shop management software for vehicle repair body shops.

  • Breach of contract. Acting for the supplier and customer on turn key projects as well as design only and/or maintenance only projects in the telecommunications and IT sectors.

  • Regulatory disputes involving licence fees.

  • Professional negligence against other professionals to include solicitors and accountants and IT/Telecoms experts.

  • UCTA case for communications parties to include allegations of EU dominant position in the market.

  • Software licence disputes and the valid transfer of software licences.

  • High profile defamation claim against senior executive at a worldwide broadcasting organisation.

  • Film finance disputes to include distributor disputes and producer/financier disputes.  Also to include professional negligence against film solicitors who had incorrectly protected their client’s position.

  • Defamation actions to include breach of confidence within media and publishing industries as well as corporate defamation actions.

Professional Negligence
  • Various disputes in relation to solicitor, accountant, surveyor and specialist expert negligence.

  • Medical practice disputes to involve professional negligence and partnership law issues.

  • Architects negligence.

  • Patent agents negligence.

Banking and Finance Disputes
  • Dispute relating to the debts arising out of the Irish banking crisis involving complicated corporate debt owed by a construction company following the death of the main shareholder.

  • Breach of mandate disputes.

  • Consortium disputes where there are multi party banks involved and disputes arise out of priorities on loan repayment distributions.

  • Dispute between 2 large IFA businesses.

  • Dispute between an accountancy firm and a client where the client’s allegations were that negligent tax advice had been given which caused a loss to the Claimant’s business.  The insurers and the insured were relevant parties to the mediation and this had an effect on the outcome.

  • Acting as co-mediator for a large financial services dispute where there were multiple banks involved against two debtors and the insurers were in a third room interested in the outcome and playing a small part in the solution.

  • Mediated disputes for parties where there was insurance backing relevant to the mediation settlement.  In the most part, the insurers did not attend the mediations but were available by telephone. 

  • Mediation advocate in a dispute for a large disaster recovery claim against an insurance company.  Jane acted for the insured in a mediation which was ultimately resolved.

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